• Artist rendering of the new addition from 11th Ave Artist rendering of the new addition from 11th Ave

South High-Rise: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the general timeframe and scope of the project?

 A:  The project, which will be completed in two general phases: Phase I Park-Stradley reopening in August 2012 and Phase II Steeb-Smith and Siebert will reopen in August of 2013.  When these communities reopen, they will have:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Renovated semi-private bathrooms
  • New public meeting and study spaces for residents
  • Natural light in resident corridors
  • Renovation of all existing resident rooms
  • A total of 380 new spaces for residents

  Q: How will my ability to get to and from class be impacted by construction?

 A:   While modified, the main door and two stairwell doors of each building will remain access points. There will be construction fencing around all construction areas of the project please respect these and do not enter any construction zones.

 Q: What sustainable measures are being taken with this project to reduce the impact on the environment?

 A:  The South High-Rise project is designed to meet a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Certification.  The use of the geothermal system, coupled with a new heating and cooling system, will reduce the overall energy use of these communities.

Q: Will there be construction workers inside the building?

A:  The majority of the work inside of the buildings has taken place in the summer.  There will be some contractors in the sub-basement (non-public, mechanical spaces below the basement).  Anyone passing through or working in the buildings will have and display a valid university ID card. As always, alert hall staff if there are any suspicious individuals or activity in your building.

Q:  Will there be any work done in student rooms?

A: No.  Any work in student rooms is scheduled to take place during the summers.