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North Residential District Projects

North Residential District Transformation

At the core of Ohio State University’s new initiatives is a commitment to redefining the student experience with a focus on enhancing the education of students beyond the classroom through an innovative second-year plan. This initiative will allow for a two-year on-campus residency requirement designed to lead to higher graduation and retention rates, improved student engagement and satisfaction, as well as post-graduation success.

To allow this groundbreaking second-year experience to achieve its full potential, it has become clear that facilities improvements must be integrated with program innovations. The plan will create a unique living environment that is designed to incorporate the elements of student success, programmatic needs, architectural innovation, student and faculty interaction, and One University Framework Principles.

Infrastructure and enabling projects began in the summer of 2013. The project will be complete for use Fall Semester 2016.

North Residential District Transformation First Phase Update

The project is proceeding as planned with enabling and infrastructure work occurring throughout the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic years.

Some of the most visible portions of enabling work for the project's first phase took place in February of 2014 with the demolition of Scott House and Raney Commons. The first part of enabling work for phase two will begin with demolition of Blackburn House in early November 2014.

Excavations and foundations for several buildings begain in Spring 2014, including one building located along Lane Avenue at Neil Avenue, a building near Lane Avenue and High Street and the dining hall/residence hall which will be located across from the new Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Building on Woodruff Avenue. The concrete structure of these buildings can be seen and exterior envelope work just recently began.