Construction Fun Facts

South High Rise Addition and Renovation (Smith, Steeb, Park, Stradley and Siebert)

Park-Stradley Hall opened for fall semester 2012. Progress is continuing on Smith, Steeb & Siebert for an on-time completion of fall semester 2013. Progress includes: Building envelope (exterior concrete panels, windows, curtainwall) is nearly completed. Ongoing interior work includes mechanical systems, student rooms and finishing work on public spaces.


Geothermal Wells:

Geothermal Drilling Complete- Final Phase Underway

This work reached a major milestone in late January 2013 when crews completed the drilling for all 264 Geothermal Wells in the South Oval. Efforts are now focused on horizontal connections for the wells, which along with testing, is the last major phase. The project is on track to return the South Oval to use during fall semester, although this is weather dependent.

Between the two geothermal well-fields in the South Oval and the former Hale Hall parking lot, there are approximately 411 geothermal wells. Each well is 550 feet deep, and will be connected in "circuits" within the well-field, with horizontal piping runs. The supply and return main water circulation loops will be connected to the chilled water plant that is being constructed underneath the new connector between Park and Stradley. Once the system is fully operational and at full design capacity, it will serve the heating and cooling needs of the south campus residential district.


Project Impacts:

It is estimated that 500-750 contract trade employees will work on this project.

This project will add 380 new beds and will renovate the spaces for 992 existing beds.

These residence halls will now have air conditioning, new restrooms, new lobby spaces and courtyard.

Park-Stradley Hall opened for fall semester 2012.

Smith, Steeb & Siebert will be complete for fall semester 2013.


William Hall Complex Expansion project (now Residence on 10th)

This project is a six story residence hall that will provide suite style living, with 6 students per suite.  It will also provide 7 staff apartments at street level, indoor bicycle storage, a student lounge area that connects to an outdoor patio and green space and an abundance of common space for the students residing in the building.


 Geothermal Wells:

50 geothermal wells were drilled in the courtyard on the building site. These wells are now undetectable, but they are providing up to 50% of the heating and cooling for the new building.  


Project Impacts:

It is estimated that up to 215 contract trade employees will work on this project.

The steel used in the project was fabricated locally and is from Worthington Steel.

This project will add 533 new beds, including the staff apartments. 

Residence on 10th construction was completed in August of 2012.